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Hi, I’m Christopher Bower. I created this exciting Internet project along with a very talented team of professionals from the Metro Detroit area and across the United States. Included in this Blog are my personal experiences in professional  marketing, project management and people management along with carefully integrated photography and other creative elements… I hope you enjoy. In addition, this an extension of my current online and offline Michigan-based business known as Detroit Internet Marketing, LLC located in the city of Troy.


Leadership Is About Results, Not Appearances

There are dozens of “how to look like a leader” guides in the world. Some motivational speakers spend their entire careers teaching people how to dress, move, and act their way to success. As important as appearances are in the business world, the fact is that simply looking like a leader does not make you one. If you can’t deliver the results you’re promising, how you carry yourself won’t matter at all.

Actions Really Do Speak Louder Than Words

You’ve heard this saying plenty of times over in your life, but actions truly speak louder than words. Think about any presidential campaign in America’s history. Each candidate makes a series of promises at the beginning of his or her candidacy, but they usually don’t fulfill all of them. The fewer promises they live up to, the worse they are remembered. Great leaders take action when it matters, making important decisions that change the course of their company or their nation for years to come.

Achievements Yield Confidence

You can measure a person’s success in many ways, from the amount of money he or she makes to the number of contributions he or she has made in the world. Regardless of the measurement though, achievements in any area of leadership inevitably yield confidence. In other words, a person is naturally going to feel and act more like a leader once he or she performs actions that make him or her worthy of the title. That’s why some of the biggest CEOs in the world started off as shy, quiet office workers hiding in a cubicle. It was their merit and innovation that gave them the confidence they needed to rise to the top.

Long-Lasting Business Relationships Go Deeper Than The Surface

Relationship building is a crucial element of being a successful leader. This doesn’t always mean that a person has to be likable. It just means that he or she has to get along with others well enough to draw up strategic alliances and partnerships that promote business growth. This process requires deep, meaningful actions that go well beyond the surface. No matter how many hands you shake or how many greetings you extend, none of them will matter if your actions don’t make you memorable. Solve problems, make plans, and deliver on every promise you make. This is what will propel you as a leader.

A Fake Façade Is Easy To Spot

People can tell when you’re carrying yourself to be better, smarter, or more successful than you actually are. There is nothing wrong with keeping your confidence high, but it’s even better to have skills that back that level of confidence. At some point in your career, you have worked under a manager that was nothing more than a shell of what a leader should actually be. Chances are that person is still at the exact same point in his or her career development. No growth. No progress. Just static. That person didn’t have the core skills it takes to be a good leader with a thriving career. By staying genuine to yourself, your employees and your customers, you will go leaps and bounds beyond that unchanging leader from the past.

Perceptions Can Change – Results Don’t

You can always change the way that people think about you, but you cannot change the past. Sure, you can fix problems as they arise, but you cannot create results that were not originally there. If you failed to accomplish a goal you set out, that’s it. All you can do now is set a new goal that encompasses or improves upon the old one. If you’re focused on people’s perception instead of the end-game, you’re never going to exceed your own expectations. Deliver when it counts and people will naturally start to see you in a positive light.


Avoid Self-Employment Tax Debt Next Year

Tax season may be the highlight of the year for traditional workers, but for entrepreneurs, this is a season of debt – nothing more. If this is your first year filing self-employment taxes, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of money you’re expected to pay from your income. Nearly every first-time entrepreneur goes through this eye-opening experience, and unfortunately, there is no way to fix that now. With that in mind, there are some steps you can take to avoid self-employment tax debt next year if you start preparing right away. Follow this guide to minimize your costs next tax season.

Save Money In Advance

Ideally, you should save 20-25% of your income for taxes. Self-employment tax rates change from year to year, but they usually hover between 13% and 16% in the United States. Every time you get a check in from a client, put part of it away in a special tax account. Then you will have money available when it comes time to pay your taxes next year.

Pay Quarterly Estimates

Another way to avoid having a huge tax bill at the end of the year is to pay quarterly estimates to the IRS. You essentially fill out a mini-tax return every three months and pay an approximated tax rate based on your earnings. At the end of the year, all you have to worry about is your last quarter’s payment, not an entire year’s worth of tax debt. If you have overpaid when that time comes, the government will issue you a tax refund check that you can use toward next quarter’s taxes.

Keep Receipts For Tax Deductions

Self-employed individuals are at a high risk of getting audited, so you need to make sure that you store all of your financial records for seven years after you file your taxes. It’s also important for you to keep these year by year so you can get as many discounts as possible. Every business expense you have can be taken off your taxable income, including rent payments for an office space or utility bills for any area used in the business. Take advantage of as many tax deductions as possible to reduce your taxable income and your tax debt as a whole.

Find A Good Accountant

While it is entirely possible to file self-employed taxes on your own, the process is much more complicated than filing a standard Form 1040. You may need to file a Schedule SE, Schedule C, and other forms in addition to your Form 1040, depending on the type of business you run. If you are worried about messing something up or missing out on a huge tax break, find a good accountant that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses. The money you pay for accounting advice will be covered by your potential savings.