Engage Your Readers with Captivating Content

Regardless of what you’re writing — whether it’s website content, a blog post, social media content or something else — the key is getting folks to actually read it, right? After all, if no one is reading what you’re saying then it is unlikely that the content is going to help convert them into paying customers. (And why waste your time writing it if no one’s going to bother reading it?)

As a business owner, it is important to position yourself as a subject matter expert in your industry — as someone customers and potential customers look to for expertise on their questions. No matter if you’re a contractor, an accountant, a doctor or a real estate agent, creating quality content can only help grow your business.

Read on for three tips on how to write your best content.

Get ahead with a great headline

Any expert would agree that the most vital part of any piece of writing is the headline. A strong headline captures your reader’s interest and encourages them to continue reading. Statistics say that of the eight out of 10 folks who read your headline, only a scarce two will read the information that follows.

So how do you create great headline? For starters, it should be interesting. Using key adjectives that convey a sense of urgency tend to get the most ROI. Next, it should be specific in that it tells the reader enough about what lies ahead to lure them in. And finally, numbers are always a good bet. For example:

Three Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value in One Day vs. How to Increase Your Home’s Value

The former ignites a sense of urgency with the reference to one day and insinuates quick and easy reading with mentioning “three ways.”

Get to the point

Once you get a reader’s attention, you want to keep it from the get go. So don’t bury the important information, but rather, get right to it. People get bored quickly and can lose interest in what you’re saying unless it’s relevant to them. So always remember who you’re writing for and ask yourself what they would want to know.

Further, breaking content into easy-to-read subheadings or lists helps make content easy to digest. Content overload is real and it can lead your reader astray. And remember, once your content is written, proofread, proofread and proofread some more. Nothing makes your credibility go down the drain faster than a misspelled word or punctuation error.