Older Man Leading Meeting

Leading An Effective Business Meeting

As a leader, you may be asked to host business meetings on a frequent basis. Even if the meeting happens over the phone, through Google hangouts, on Skype, etc., you need to be prepared as if you were having the meeting in person. The key to running a successful business meeting is proper preparation and confidence, two things that anyone can acquire under the right circumstances.

The guide below explains how to lead an effective business meeting so you can achieve the best results.

Outline Your Thoughts Before The Meeting

Before the meeting even starts, you need to jot down a list of points you want to make during your session. This will ensure that you stay on point through the duration of the meeting, and that you know what to say if you get flustered. Make note of the most important topics for discussion, in succession, along with any details you want to note about those topics. You should be able to address all of the important points for the meeting this way.

Bring Reference Materials As Needed

If you are going to bring up programs to use, papers to read, or steps to take, bring visual references with you. This will give your clients and/or employees more to think about during the meeting, and it will give you a secondary way to explain your ideas. For instance, you may bring an example of a business plan for your client to follow, or you may have a short video for an employee to watch about safety procedures. If you are working on a virtual platform, you can send the other people in the meeting links to any internet resources you are using so they can view them on their side.

Practice What You Are Going To Say

In order to calm your nerves, you may want to practice what you are going to say in the meeting. This will also let you gauge the amount of time the meeting will take, allotting for discussions, questions, etc. Hold a practice meeting with a friend or family member if you want to work in front of an audience.

Dress Like The Professional You Are

Even if you are going to a casual meeting with a laidback client or employees you have known for a while, you still need to look professional. If you are going to hold the meeting through a video chat, you may only need to dress the upper portion of your body. Keep in mind though that dressing like a professional will instinctively make you act more professional. You will command a higher authority and get people’s attention better if you look the part.