Powerful Business Card Design Ideas

First impressions are critical for you as a business person. The image you project while doing business sticks like a magnet, and your business cards are representations of your company as well as all of its standards for excellence. Rather than settling for a basic white card with just your name and phone number, you should spend time finding the perfect design for your brand as a whole. Listed below are powerful business card design ideas that will wow customers and leave a great first impression.

Transparent Cards

You can always print your business cards on traditional white backgrounds, but why not try something different? You could use transparent or translucent cards instead, which may help people remember your company better in the future. These may cost a little more to make than those on traditional white business card paper, but they will give you better memorability in the end. You can find transparent cards in a variety of colors, so select the one that best fits your company.

Non-White Backgrounds

Playing off the same idea as above, you could always opt for a non-white background on your business cards. You may make a bigger impression with black cards and silver lettering than you would with white cards and black lettering. Some colors of ink will not show up well on certain backgrounds, so you need to be careful with your color combinations. Play around with different ideas until you find the design that’s right for you.

Creative Shapes

Who says that your business cards have to be rectangles every time? You might make them into ovals, trapezoids, triangles, or any other shape you can think of so people are more likely to see your cards in a crowd. Add curvy edges or sharp angles on the sides if you want to. As long as the cards end up relatively the same size as traditional cards, you can have the function of a business card with a personality that better suits your company.

Raised Ink

Give your business cards an extra layer of dimension by adding embossed or raised layering to the logo or text. Don’t do this for the entire card – just the areas that you want to draw the most attention to. For instance, if you are a realtor with a house in your logo, the house itself may be raised slightly above the text. This added layer will cost more money to produce, but it will also make your cards look more professional and more appealing. If customers see that you have taken the time to make your business cards special, they will be more likely to follow up with you in the future.

Try to think outside the box as much as you can when creating your business cards. Keep them professional, but do not be afraid to express yourself at the same time. Your customers will remember you and your company if you spend time crafting the perfect design for your business cards.